Marketing Strategy, User Experience, Website Design

San Marcos Regional Airport

Texas Aviation Partners was looking to increase traffic and business at the San Marcos Regional Airport (KHYI).

As the first step in the process, DAHU Agency facilitated a marketing strategy workshop. Among the recommendations that emerged from this initiative was an increased digital presence and digital marketing. This called for the creation of a stand-alone website for the San Marcos Regional Airport, distinct from the Texas Aviation Partners site.


To identify needs and goals for the new website, key stakeholders were interviewed, including customers, pilots who use the airfield, community members and San Marcos city officials.

Based on the information gathered, DAHU presented an organizational structure and content strategy for the website that incorporated the full range of stakeholder requests.

The resulting San Marcos Regional Airport website presents forward-looking visuals and content that convey vast and wide-open opportunities for this rapidly growing region. The messaging addresses the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, including independent private pilots, as well as corporations and small business owners looking to do business with the city of San Marcos or the airport itself.