Corporate Branding, Website Design

Picante Sauce Weekend

Picante Sauce Weekend is a product from BenWel Foods. Our goal was to create a new brand that captured the fresh taste of their salsa and wholesome values. After developing a comprehensive marketing strategy based on a client collaboration workshop and market research, we developed their logo, packaging of the products, business cards, stationery, and an easy-to-use website.

Logo Design

We were inspired by party lights when designing the logo and wanted to elicit a fun atmosphere to be enjoyed by all each and every time they open the jar to enjoy this unique salsa. The recipes for the salsas were inspired by a long-standing family tradition of gathering together every summer during “Picante Sauce Weekend” to chop and roast their own garden vegetables, laugh together, and perfect their special family recipe.

Package Design

Entering the highly-competitive salsa market in Texas isn’t easy—but when your salsa is as tasty and unique as Picante Sauce Weekend, a big part of achieving success is not only having an effective business strategy, but also a having a label that is unique and stands out from the competitors. We tasted their competitor’s salsas and looked to the market to gain additional insights on other successful salsa brand’s packaging, positioning, marketing strategies, and actual shelf research at BenWel’s desired retailers. We developed a label unlike anything else that was present on the shelf to reinforce the name of the product and become a mark in the memory of the savvy salsa surveyor.

Branded Business Cards

Since any good product requires a solid business behind it to be successful, we designed business cards for BenWel Foods to incorporate the brand colors of Picante Sauce Weekend and provide BenWel Foods an opportunity to represent the strength of the business behind this tasty salsa brand.

Corporate Stationery

The stationery was created using the brand colors of Picante Sauce Weekend, and also establishes BenWel Foods as a sophisticated venture that promises to bring more to the table than just their delicious salsas – as if that weren’t enough- the stationery and consistency of their brand represents that they also bring business savvy to their corporate B2B target audience.

The BenWel Foods campaign required that our designs not only speak to consumers in the package design and website application, but also to a B2B audience as we were given the task of developing the brand to be presented in an established and sophisticated light to the distributors and partners that also represent Picante Sauce Weekend.

Website Design

We wanted to create a website for Picante Sauce Weekend that was fresh and fun just like the salsa. In order to do so, we looked to Austin to inspire us. With the parks and outdoor venues where families and friends often gather together, we used imagery that brought to mind picnics and events where the salsa would be center stage.

The website design is not only user friendly, but mobile friendly, so if you need to order your salsa while at a picnic – it is possible and easy to do!

Purchase page

If you make a great product it is also important to make it available to your audience so they can easily purchase it. We created an easy-to-use check out page where customers can read reviews of the product and have it shipped right to their door!