Content Marketing, Social Media

Luna Park Event Social Media

Luna Park Events provides event services for corporate events, weddings, and destination management. They chose DAHU Agency to spread word on social media.

Facebook Page

We enhanced Luna Park Events’ social media presence with new profile images on Facebook. Within three months of our campaign, Luna Park Events’ Facebook followers more than doubled. 

LinkedIn Presence

Tailoring for each platform, we created custom, professional imagery and content to engage new followers and promote activity.


With scheduled weekly activities, we tracked metrics along the way and managed the community with responses and comments.

Social Media Strategy

DAHU worked with Luna Park Events to develop a social media and digital advertising strategy for their prospective customers based on their engagement and business goals.

Social Media Execution

After the strategy was developed, we created and executed a social media campaign including custom graphics and content for their selected social media channels.

Content Marketing

We developed a content marketing strategy that included blog development, and social promotion.

Blog Development

With industry and subject matter research, along with client interviews, we helped to develop a blog series for content marketing and social media promotion to increase overall engagement.

Email Marketing

Announcing Luna Park’s new website on social media, we also chose to execute an HTML email marketing newsletter to solicit new social media followers and get existing leads to their website.