Website Design

Clear Rock Advisors Website

The mission of Clear Rock Advisors is to provide personalized and complete wealth management services to manage multi-generational wealth.  Clear Rock Advisors were seeking a new website to showcase their mission and vision with current and prospective clients.  The result is a beautiful brand driven website that paints a clear understanding of the services offered by Clear Rock Advisors.

In addition to their business to consumer accounts, Clear Rock Advisors also provides business to business services.  It was important to differentiate between the two fields of operation, so Dahu added color coding to allow the distinction to be made without distraction, while still maintaining clarity.


Home Page

A simple and elegant layout, using important brand elements, sets the tone for the website.

An eye catching layout that has balance between information and on brand photos.

Two fields of operation

The addition of an orange color coding design allows for a distinction to be made between their business to client site and their business to business site.