Corporate Branding, User Experience, Website Design

Bray Counseling

Bray Counseling is a mental health group practice offering psychotherapy to teens, adults, families, and groups. Bray Counseling was seeking a marketing partner for a full range of design, marketing, branding and communications consultation and services, including content and design for a new website.

Overall, the designs and communications materials DAHU created for Bray Counseling have helped to create a brand experience for their clientele and others interacting with their company – from visiting their website to walking through the front door – the brand is intended to communicate growth, healing, and hope.

Brand & Logo Design

DAHU’s design team developed brand imaging around the leaf symbol that the client had been using, serving to hopeful and organic messaging directed towards current and prospective patients, prospective employees, and industry professionals.

Marketing Collateral

After updating the Bray Counseling brand, DAHU designed postcards and other marketing collateral with their refreshed logo to keep their clientele up-to-date.

Corporate Identity

The logo and color palette are central to a cohesive brand image that is reflected in Bray Counseling’s exterior signage, their interior décor, website, stationery, and business cards to establish a strong corporate identity.

Website Redesign

The DAHU team designed and developed a new website for Bray Counseling.

We worked closely with the client to determine the information that would be included on the site and how to structure it, while building a site design around their new brand, and optimal user experience. We helped to define the key call-to-actions and conversions and set up the design so that the users could easily request an appointment locate the information they needed.