About DAHU

An advertising and marketing company that adapts to today’s technology

At DAHU we practice a holistic approach for marketing and advertising. We select the right medium for what our clients are trying to accomplish and provide them with an integrated service to ensure their message gets across to their desired audience. Our years of experience have taught us that a multi-pronged approach is often best to secure your position in the market. We pass this experience along to each of our clients in the work we do and the results that are yielded.

We are a collaborative team of creative enthusiasts who embrace technology and have a passion for what we do. Interested in what is new and possible, as well as tried and true methods of communication, we genuinely enjoy helping our clients with their marketing and advertising – while ensuring that our clients have a great experience working with us. It is important for us to love what we do and do what we love.

Our Philosophy

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are hitting the mark all the way throughout our process. When working together, we outline our goals from the very beginning and measure carefully throughout the delivery to ensure that we are on target. It is our attention to detail and commitment to our clients that helps us to achieve our goals.

We believe in a human-centered design approach where we strive to understand the target audience and end user of a project prior to designing for them so that we can be more confident in the outcome of the campaign or project. We listen to our clients, we get to know their business, and we get to know their audience. Through combining the knowledge of all these things our client’s work can be successful.


The “H” in our DAHU logo requires you to look closely to find it because our namesake, the dahu, is based on a mythological creature. The dahu, pronounced dah-hoo, is a legendary animal well known in France, Switzerland and the north of Italy that lives high in the alps. It is often described as a mountain goat-like animal with different length legs that have adapted to the mountain side to more easily scale the mountain terrain.

We chose this symbol for DAHU Agency because it represents our commitment to adapt to new technologies and user behavior, allowing our clients to be successful in today’s media landscape.

Client Testimonials

We love our clients! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what they have to say about working with us.

Mindy’s firm, DAHU Agency, did all of the branding, website, messaging, etc. for our new company, Clear Rock Advisors. I can’t speak more highly of a marketing firm in the 25 years I have been owned and built entrepreneurial companies.

Chuck F. Hall, Jr.

Chairman, Clear Rock Advisors

DAHU inspires us with their fresh concepts. We work with them because of their interesting design for flyers, the perfectly formed corporate design, logos, and the super website they created for us.

Lutz Dammaschk

Managing Director

I’ve worked with a DAHU founding member for 10 years for their expertise and knowledge in exhibition design, brochure design and website development. They are true professionals and work quickly with a passion for creative work and customer-oriented behavior. They created an innovative customer platform that enables my company to be more efficient and successful.

Torsten Schmidt

CEO of Ideenwerk AG

Their knowledge of current marketing trends is extensive and their recommendations are insightful and creative.  Through preparation and research they efficiently developed a plan that was direct, actionable and within our budget. They are a great partner who are professional and easy to work with. DAHU will continue to be an integral part of TexZen Tiny Home Co.’s business development team.

Suzanne Braden


We were referred to DAHU to create our logo and they exceeded our expectations on their first submission. We love our logo! They offered us a comprehensive branding package that included all our brand elements, which was so helpful! They are a joy to have as a continued provider for The Floral Engagement.

Natasha Madison

CEO and Founder

DAHU Agency provided Luna Park Events invaluable work by helping us on multiple advertising fronts, building our social media marketing campaigns the design and data architecture of our new web site. The depth of knowledge and customer dedication that DAHU agency team members expressed while working with us was extraordinary. We loved working with them and are very happy with the marketing results that were achieved.

Richard L. Williams II

Founder, Luna Park Events


Mindy League
CEO and Co-Founder

Mindy has over 20 years in creative industries and experience with start up companies and Fortune 100 global brands. (read more)

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Chris Braun
COO and Co-Founder

Chris is a creative thinker with expertise in strategy and corporate branding, managing international projects in the US & Europe. (read more)

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Daniel Fu
Director of Experience

Daniel specializes in user experience and visual design, relying on collaboration and empathy to develop a user-centered design strategy.

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Mark Hill
Director of Web Technologies

Wielding an impressive range of programming expertise, Mark brings creativity and innovation with the latest technology solutions.

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Naomi Rieger
Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Naomi is dedicated to running the day-to-day operations of the company, and to keeping our core values expressed in our community.

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Emily Braniff
Project Manager & Quality Assurance

Emily’s attention to detail allows her to ensure quality, flawless deliverables. She ensures our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Literally.

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Chris Sensat
Graphic Designer

Chris is our resident graphic designer and is also a professional musician when he’s not pushing pixels.

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Machielle Thomas
Content Strategist

Machielle specializes in PR, marketing, brand management & social media strategy management.

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Fabian Häusler
Senior Motion Designer

Fabian studied Marketing and Advertising in Germany and Finland and has experience in motion graphics, user interface and iOS programming.

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Rainer Wollthan
Director of IT

Rainer has over 20 years experience of developing web and eCommerce sites using PHP, MySQL, XHTML/HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

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Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can work together to create meaningful branding and communications with results. If you are interested in working with us or for us, drop us a line or two and we’ll respond to your message as soon as possible. Thank you!

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