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The Value of Corporate Blogs

By: Machielle Thomas | 13 Apr 2017

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the term, “blog”, this is a great time to insist that corporate blogs are no longer optional. Before the blog, companies shared their content through now outdated online posting systems.

Blogs were originally created to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Today, blogs have become a way for corporations across countless industries to sell themselves, their products, beliefs, and more. Blogs are an essential source of information and education and are paramount to increasing your company’s online visibility and digital reach. In short, if your company does not currently have a blog, get with the program.

Disseminate Valuable Information

Running a promotion or have an exciting campaign going on? Your blog is the perfect place to share the details of it. This is a great place to showcase your company successes and PR campaigns. Every blog does not have to be 500+ words. Sometimes, short and sweet will do the trick. See how GoFundMe used their blog to show their donation of $100,000 to support Orlando shooting victims in 2016.

Brand Identity + Message

A blog shows your customers, and potential customers, that your business is thriving. Readers will see that you are committed to your industry and knowledgeable on topics that they care about. Use colors, images, and fonts on your blog that project the emotions you want your readers to feel.

For many prospective customers, your blog will be their first look into your company culture. Fill your blog with personality and character. You want to attract your target audience with the information and mood of your blog. Good big or go home.

Search Engines Love and Respect Blogs

Many blogs exist primarily for SEO purposes. SEO-focused blogs are heavy with keyword density and page relevance. While SEO is important for your blogs success, it should not be the only reason to upkeep your company blog. Be sure to also focus on your content, message, and value to your readers.

According to Tech Client, blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and can lead to higher ranking keywords. Consistent blogging leads to your site being ranked higher for specific topics, beating your competition in search results. When your focus is on quality content, readers are more likely to share your blog. Sharing and linking to your blog creates relevance and signals search engines to rank your page higher.

Lead Generation

Blogs are a great way to gain interest from internet browsers. People make contact with companies to find answers to their questions. A quick Google search can lead a company to your blog, therefore you should ensure you have the answers to the questions that site visitors are asking. Create your relevance by considering the type of reader you want and shape your content to cater to their needs.

Evergreen Content

Choosing the right content to present on your blog can leave a lasting impression. Evergreen content, or content that is always relevant, not only aids in your company’s SEO strategy, it also means that you will have a consistent readership. Like relevant information, evergreen content generally gets social shares since the information is helpful for the masses. Evergreen content is best produced in the form of a checklist, guide, or personal story. For tips on how to produce evergreen content, read here.

Need a blogger?

On-staff bloggers have in-depth business knowledge and may require little to no supervision in content creation. If you do not have an employee that can blog for your company, hire a professional. Professional bloggers understand digital reach, SEO, and can provide a unique perspective. Equip them with industry education, your services, and your company culture, and watch your blog flourish. Did you know DAHU offers blog writing and content creation services that can help you reach your marketing goals? Let us know how DAHU can help you reach your blogging goals.

DAHU Agency is an advertising and marketing company that adapts to today’s technology. We select the right medium for what our clients are trying to accomplish and provide them with an integrated service to ensure their message gets across to their desired audience. Our years of experience have taught us that a multi-pronged approach is often best to secure your position in the market. We pass this experience along to each of our clients in the work we do and the results that are yielded.

Let’s chat about how we can jumpstart your corporate blog!