Purpose Driven Marketing

How Purpose-Driven Marketing Can Change Your Business

By: Mindy League | 10 Nov 2016

Purpose-driven marketing is how a business bonds with their target audience based on shared interests and needs. By tapping into shared interests, you can create a connection with your target audience. If your business message is unclear, you could be halting valuable growth.

Purpose-driven marketing creates a sense of culture and allows customers to interact with your company’s mission and purpose. Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, which includes market research and advertising. Purpose-driven marketing is selling a product or service AND a purpose. You can call it a new wave of marketing.

Why should it matter to you?

Simply put, shared interests and needs create brand loyalty. Brand loyalty means that your customers are more likely to purchase your product or service over similar products in the marketplace.

In order to encourage brand loyalty, it is important to thoroughly understand your target audience. Understanding your customers’ desires will allow you to create a message centered around how your product or service can improve their life or situation.

Defining your brand

Now that your company is up and running, it is time for you to define your brand. Mission and vision statements set the groundwork for how your company plans to operate and gives customers insight into your passion and purpose. If you are creating a mission statement for the first time, you should consider what your purpose is, how you plan to impact the lives of others, and what sets your business apart from the rest.

Once your mission has been clearly defined, a marketing strategy should be created that reinforces your brand purpose and reveals the benefit offered to your customer.

Conscious companies such as Toms and Whole Foods have formed their brand around this idea of purpose. California-based company, Toms has used social media to collect over 38 million shoes for children in 65+ countries since their inception in 2006. Meanwhile, Whole Foods has created purpose by serving and supporting local communities, earth-friendly stewardship, education, and more.  

What to do next

You now know your audience and have established your brand purpose, so you are ready to create a marketing strategy that fosters your mission and targets your customers causes. If they are committed to environmental defense; offer a discount or a donation to an environmental charity. Remember: Stay committed to your purpose by always practicing what you preach.

Why this matters to DAHU

DAHU Agency practices a holistic marketing approach that adapts to today’s technology. We ensure that your brand message is clear and concise. We are a collaborative team of creative enthusiasts who embrace technology and have a passion for what we do. Interested in what is new and possible, as well as tried and true methods of communication, we genuinely enjoy helping our clients with their marketing and advertising.

When you target your audience instead of broadcasting to everyone, you can do more than just deliver a message. You can take your marketing to the next level.