A Spicy Strategy for an Austin Salsa Maker

By: Mindy League | 29 Jul 2016

Austin-based startup, BenWel Foods, developed a new line of salsa named Picante Sauce Weekend, a delicious new salsa whose recipe was inspired by a long-standing family tradition of gathering together every summer during “Picante Sauce Weekend” to chop and roast their own garden vegetables, laugh together, and perfect their special family recipe.

Starting with a Spicy Strategy

Entering the highly-competitive salsa market in Texas isn’t easy—but when your salsa is as tasty and unique as Picante Sauce Weekend, a big part of achieving success is having an effective business strategy.

To support their product launch, DAHU began our engagement with a strategy workshop with the client so we could listen to the new company’s values and objectives, discover their target customer base, and brainstorm some new ideas with them! Using the workshop insights, we then looked to the market to gain additional insights on competitor’s packaging, positioning, marketing strategies, and actual shelf research at BenWel’s desired retailers so we could develop a comprehensive strategy for Picante Sauce Weekend’s product launch. And we tasted and tasted some spicy (and some not-so-spicy) salsas… This helped us decide how to position Picante Sauce Weekend within the industry while designing a label that is unique and stands out from the competitors.

Salsa label.

Building the Brand

Using insights and tactics established in the strategy workshop and competitive research, DAHU created Picante Sauce Weekend’s brand—which we then used to develop their logo, product labels, corporate stationery, and e-commerce website.
Though Picante Sauce Weekend’s strategy is made of multiple pieces of collateral, the brand is consistent throughout and tells a story that reflects their history and values, but most of all helps to sell a delicious salsa.

Want to see the Picante Sauce Weekend website? Click here.

Picante Sauce Weekend Website

Picante Sauce Weekend Stationary

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