Whapp Apps Gaymoji

DAHU welcomes Whapp! our newest client

By: Mindy League | 2 Oct 2015

New adventures are exciting and we are starting off on our next journey with our newest client, Whapp! Apps LLC, an Austin-based emoji and digital sticker development company. They have developed several iOS apps available now in the App Store:

Emojis are the new universal form of language that chatters, posters, and texters use to communicate when words just won’t do. DAHU will be working with Whapp! on their marketing strategy and we look forward to helping their business develop as they grow their suite of awesome apps.

We’ve had a blast sending these stickers and emoji around the office and to our friends, try it for yourself and enjoy! The stickers can be used on any mobile social platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text, email, etc.) and your friends will ask “where did you find THAT”?!


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