DAHU Agency

Announcing DAHU

By: Mindy League | 1 Sep 2015

We are pleased to bring you DAHU – the new agency collaboration between Chris Braun and Mindy League. We believe in working together to bring you the best in marketing and advertising services with a focus on creativity, quality, and results. It is important to us that our clients have a great experience working with us. We love collaborating with our clients and working with talented designers and developers who come together to bring great ideas to life.

This agency was started to build a bridge between media and technology. We believe that with a creative focus, there is no limit on what can be done in this arena and we hold big dreams for the future of technology. These are exciting times with new devices introduced on a regular basis and unforeseeable discoveries that we’ve only yet seen in fiction. We are proud to sit at the helm of DAHU to steer us towards the horizon of these new possibilities.

DAHU’s news and blog feed will offer up our philosophy and perspective on the changing landscape of media and technology – with the occasional update about our agency. We hope to inform and entertain you in the upcoming posts and look forward to future developments.

We are also looking forward to obtaining new clients and developing many new relationships. We love to listen to our client’s business challenges and offer up solutions for marketing and advertising to help expand the reach of their businesses. With our offices in Austin, we would be happy to consult with anyone who feels they would benefit from our services. We are in close proximity to downtown Austin, so please make an appointment for a consultation. And after, there is plenty in Austin for those who enjoy all that our great town has to offer.